Where is Our Captain? : Sailing on the rough seas of free agency

Who is at the Yankees’ helm?

Like an overcooked pot of chili someone forgot to take off the burner, Derek Jeter has been left on the hot stove for too long.

“How does she mean that?” you’re asking yourself.

Let me clarify this for you. In case anyone has any doubts about re-signing Jeter (as opposed to resigning him), please allow me to take this moment to set them straight.


Derek Jeter IS the Yankees! Moreover, he is the Captain of the Yankees. He is worth more than his weight in gold. As el Capitano, he steers the ship! When the team enters troubled waters, he sets the ship back on course. When the sharks attack, he wards them off with the wisdom of Buddha reincarnated. For every tiny bit of his finely tuned athletic body that wears out over time, he gains additional leadership qualities. In essence, Jeter anchors the Yankees ship.

PF_capt_jeter.jpgI ask you, who would you choose to lead you safely out of the eye of a hurricane? A salty sea Captain who has seen storm after storm and lived to tell about it or his shipmate who is still learning to read compass?

Let me pose the question another way. If you were the smelly Red Sox, would you be thankful to see Jeter go splitsville with the Yanks? Would you maybe even like to see him in a Boston uniform? As a Yankees fan, do these questions make you cringe?


It’s true. The Captain always goes down with his ship. The Yankees didn’t get to the World Series this year. We haven’t seen Jeter rushing for a lifeboat. He stuck it out despite free agency, staying true to his destiny as a Yankee. (If you don’t understand this part, I recommend you read his book.) Any employer should be thrilled to have a dedicated hard worker at their disposal (as opposed to in the disposal). Despite that, often, the new kid the block garnishes a larger piece of the pie while the veterans are toss the leftovers. If they fail to recognize the value of experience, professionalism and a team player, they deserve to go belly up like the bloated carcass of a beluga whale that has gasped it’s last breathe. A telling sign of the worth of an organization is how it treats it’s personnel.


So, will someone please pass Derek his share of the the company along with a pen?


d8%–< l >€27@p



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