About nyylogogirl

On a dare and a promise, she dared to build
a giant NYY logo in the front lawn for all the world to see.
After a while, “the power of the logo” became evident as it
took on a life of it’s own and began to steer the Yankees’
course. It was a bright beacon shining, a Yankees oasis in
the heart of a vast Phillies desert. When tragedy struck and
The Logo was submerged under four feet of Delaware River, it
made a comeback, but when struck again, and again, its powers
began to wane. Now, the need is great to restore The NYY Logo
back to it’s original glory to ensure victory and hope
despite all odds. Your encouragement is sorely needed! ***
NYY Logo Girl spends most of her time located on the great
watery divide between NJ and PA, halfway between NY and
Philadelphia, straddling Yankees and Phillies territories,
caught in the confusion of a muddled geographic area where NY
fans and Philly fans are forced to mingle. Cross the line in
either direction and the scenery changes. Safety to the
right, danger to the left. Those Amazing Mets pay a visit
every now and then only to find themselves greeted by Yankees
fans and unknown fans wearing bags over their heads (Fussilli
Mark, we know who you are!) ***


Experiencing and spreading the magic with
every breath, every word and every action.