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The Hotstove Trump Card

HAH!  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hah! The heat! It all boils down to the heat!
The one single variable no human being can control no matter what.
Something as basic as the temperature. [snicker]



That’s right, last week Cliff Lee informed the Texas Rangers that he isn’t sure if he can handle the heat. No, he wasn’t referring to the flash of a hundred cameras lighting up his face at a press conference. He was talking about the weather. Yessiree, the searing Texas heat that holds the power to bake a cow pie into something resembling a fine piece of Lenox china, fry an egg on a sidewalk, and melt the soles of your shoes faster than you can say “rubber baby buggy bumpers.”

Despite having admitted to being perfectly happy together “deep in the heart,” the Lees are entertaining offers to relocate to cooler climates. One possibility is New York, New York. If Cliff could ask Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin they would all tell him, “It’s a wonderful town.”




In actuality, New York can be frighteningly frigid in the Spring,
horribly humid in the Summer and only a little cooler than Texas, but
enough to make a survivable difference when compared to 105ºF day after day.

When given the choice, I’ll take my cold, frozen ice cream in a mini
Yankees helmet over a Rangers
soup bowl meltdown hands down on any hot summer

Not unlike other Texans of Yankees history, it would seem Cliff Lee may be willing to trade grilled cheese sandwiches seared on the hood of his car for being grilled by the searing lights of the New York press.  It’s not like he would be a lone star.  He already has some friends in New York who he can dodge the cameras with while out on the town.

That’s fine with me. Now, would I rather have a good pitcher or a good pitcher of _________? You fill in the blank. I’ve already made up my mind. The question still remains…When will Lee make up his?


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