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To the Rescue!

Now, more than ever, the world needs a superhero. Someone to lift up the tired, huddled masses when they are down, to stamp out evil, to assure them that everything’s going to be alright; someone to restore balance to the universe and keep the world spinning on its axis in the right direction; someone to restore faith to the fans, the players, the game; to remind each and every individual of the MAGIC of baseball.

Sounds like a job for NYY Logo Girl!


As American as apple pie, united we stand, united we root for our home team. Together, we experience that magical feeling we know as baseball. We celebrate victory and spit at defeat. In early Spring, we chomp at the bit for a glimpse of that emerald green turf. In summer, we chomp massive amounts of bubble gum in order to trade players’ cards, with hopes of acquiring the next Yankees legend.    


    Come September, we chew our knuckles to the bones in suspense and wonder if we’ll ever witness another “Mr. November.”  Winter months bring dreams of fantasy camp as we don our flannel Yankees PJs, Yankee Blue fuzzy slippers and tuck ourselves in beneath our cozy Yankees blankets, cuddled together with our favorite Yankees fan. 😉

We are one big family.  We span the globe.  We span the universe.  We transfer our Passion for baseball to everything we do, and we spread our love for the game to everyone we meet.  No matter where we go, we are united by one single thread that connects us together – the knowledge that WE ARE YANKEES FANS!

More to come…
Please stay tuned for the next episode when NYY Logo Girl reveals more about her mission! 


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